Notre Mission

Chez Naturiam, notre mission est d’aider tous ceux qui ont des cheveux bouclés à embrasser et à célébrer leur beauté naturelle en leur offrant des solutions innovantes et de haute qualité, spécifiquement adaptées à leurs besoins uniques.

Inspirés par le riche héritage des traditions marocaines en matière de soins capillaires, nous nous engageons à sélectionner les meilleurs ingrédients naturels et à développer des formulations à la pointe de la technologie pour répondre aux défis communs auxquels sont confrontés les types de cheveux bouclés.

Grâce à l’éducation, à la communauté et à une véritable passion pour les cheveux bouclés, nous nous efforçons de créer un monde où chacun peut afficher fièrement et en toute confiance ses belles boucles saines.

Nos valeurs

curly hair products in Morocco


Nous sommes une marque authentique qui fabrique des produits qui tiennent leurs promesses.

curly hair products in Morocco

Conscience de l'environnement

Avec l'objectif ultime de ne produire aucun déchet, nous nous assurons que chaque pas est fait dans le bon sens.

curly hair products in Morocco


Nous ne transigeons jamais sur les ingrédients que nous utilisons, afin que nos clients puissent avoir confiance en nos produits, de la conception à la livraison.

curly hair products in Morocco


Nos produits sont nos bébés, et nous aimons que chaque collection ait sa propre histoire à raconter.

Naturiam Story

Hi, I’m Meriam and my hair care products are the result of a very personal journey, which involved my struggles to achieve healthy, natural curly hair. It seems almost unbelievable that I didn’t discover that I had naturally curly hair, until I was in my late 20’s. Years of straightening and over-processing my hair from childhood had ruined my hair shaft, resulting in my curls losing their natural shape.

Being a great believer that natural is best I wanted to embrace my curly hair and repair it at all costs. Like so many of you, I believed all types of information and misinformation on the topic of transitioning. While it is an invaluable way of improving the condition of your hair, it must be done correctly.

It was not until I suffered hair loss as a result of Covid 19 that I knew I had to study the science behind hair care and make it my mission to help others in my position. I decided to combine my knowledge as an academic researcher with a Ph.D. in Engineering and my passion for curly hair to study hair from a scientific perspective.

My quest for the perfect hair care products started with the basics. I studied hundreds of reliable research papers and did online courses on Trichology to get to the root of the problem. My research went beyond hair loss and growth; it involved every aspect of hair care. I started writing content on everything I had learned to help all you in similar situations.

naturiam which provides premium, handmade products for curly hair was the result of my newly acquired knowledge. I have meticulously created this hair care line with the assistance of international cosmetic chemists. All my products are the result of scientific knowledge and a wealth of experience.

I offer a variety of products depending on your hair needs. These include protein treatments and products to promote hair growth and keep your hair looking soft and silky! More importantly, these products contain ingredients that help restore hair breakage, repair damage, and intensely condition the hair without adding extra weight to it. They focus on permanently repairing hair from the inside out. I can positively say that these products are a game-changer!

naturiam is also environmentally conscious. As a step towards achieving zero waste products, we make handmade solid shampoo bars. In the near future, all our products will be zero waste products.

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