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  – High-quality premium ingredients

  – Color-treated hair friendly

This curly hair styling duo can go hand in hand for a perfect styling. Leave-in conditioner is important for your hair wether you style it or not because it hydrates, protects, helps with manageability, detangling, prevents breakage and keeps it soft. The styling gel helps maintain that hydration locked, your curls well defined and frizz reduced.


HGE/Porous Hair, Light & Shine, Protein


100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml

HGE/Porous Hair
Light & Shine
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Curly hair styling Duo:

Our perfect hair styling bundle : a leave-in conditioner and gel that work together to give you the perfect hair styling experience.

It is designed to provide you with long-lasting hold, hydration, and nourishment for your hair.

You have 3 choices of Styling duo bundles:

HGE/  Curly hair Styling Duo:

HGE leave-in, and Protein styling Gel: Perfect for dry and porous hair.

Infused with premium natural ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, sage extract, honey, and hydrolyzed proteins.

This styling Duo will deeply penetrate your hair to moisturize and strengthen your locks.

It provides an extra layer of hydration that locks in moisture, making your curls soft, shiny, defined, and manageable.

Kinky/ damaged Hair styling Duo: This Duo is adapted for dry, brittle, and damaged Hair, it will help to strengthen and restore your hair shaft.

The gel, on the other hand, is perfect for defining and styling your curls or waves.

It is lightweight and non-sticky, giving you a natural-looking hold that lasts all day long.

Fine/ Wavy hair styling duo: 

This Duo will do wonders for your fine and thin hair. It’s light but efficient leave-in and jelly infused with plant extracts like marshmallows, slippery elm, horsetail, and more.

You’ll get hydrated, nourished, and defined hair that stays put for days. Say goodbye to frizzy, unmanageable hair, and hello to your best curly hair!

You will get a Denman brush DUPE or an afro pick with each bundle as a gift ❤️

Our bundles are perfect for all hair types and textures, and it is safe to use on color-treated hair.

Whether you’re getting ready for a special occasion or just a regular day, our leave-in conditioner and gel duo will give you the confidence to rock any hairstyle you desire.

For a complete hair routine, Check out our bundles.

Additional information

HGE/Porous Hair, Light & Shine, Protein


100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml

How to use

How to use

-Leave-in conditionner is a cream used after shower or after you wash your hair or when you want to refresh your curls in the middle of the week. One of its main missions is to keep your hair moisturized between washes and prevent tangles.

  • Damp your hair : Make sure your hair is wet. Not too wet and not almost dry.
  • Section your hair : In order to have an equal distribution of the product and for it to reach all parts of your hair, seperate it in sections. The thicker the hair, the more sections it requires.
  • Apply styling product : Put some leave-in conditioner on the palm of your hand and rub it a little. Apply it on the section from up to the lengths. Make sure its applied equally on your strands. Repeat the same for all the section.
  • Scrunch your hair : Once you finish styling and for better bounce and definition, take some hair on the palm of your hand and press it going to the top.
  • Dry your hair : Remove excess water and product with a microfiber towel or a coton shirt to avoid frizz. Then either use a diffuser to dry it completely or let it air dry.

-The gel step will make sure your curls hold shape and definition.

Right after applying leave-in conditioner, put some gel on the palm of your hand, rub it and apply it delicately on your curls.

Use the praying hands technique, place your curls between your hands and apply along your hair lengths without pressing too much to avoid ruining your curls.

At the end scrunch a little for better definition.

– For more volume, apply it -and even diffuse- with your head upside down.

– For a complete hair routine, Check out our bundles.



Light and Shine:

leave-in conditioner, Styling Gel

Hair Growth Elixir:

leave-in conditioner, Styling Gel

The Real Protein treatment:

leave-in conditioner, Styling Gel

11 reviews for Styling Duo: Get the perfect curls

  1. English

    manal.boutoul90 (verified owner)

    c mon troisième achat du duo HGE leave-in et gel et je profite pour cette promo pour ajouter la brosse 😀 meme si j’ai déjà la flexi brush. Merci Meryem pour cet offre spéciale <3

  2. English

    Lamiaa Abid (verified owner)

    Super produits. je recommande

  3. English

    Kanza Ben (verified owner)

    J’ai testé le Duo protéiné et je recommande vivement, mes cheveux sont plus hydrates et plus de définition et ils ont l’air très healthy

  4. English

    Amani oudghiri (verified owner)

    j’ai pris le duo light and Shine et je suis super satisfaite, la brosse par contre est un peu dure mais elle fait son job

  5. English

    Samia yacoubi (verified owner)

    Le duo light and shine est topissime, mes cheveux sont trop fins

  6. English

    hajar dibali (verified owner)

    HGE duo is just amizing !! My hair just Loved it

  7. English

    Zineb amezmiz (verified owner)

    Très bon duo HGE, je recommande vivement

  8. English

    Safae habachi (verified owner)

    Top du Top excellents produits

  9. English

    Baadia amghar (verified owner)

    Je viens de découvrir cette marque et je suis agréablement surprise par la qualité des produits, ils sont vraiment super

  10. English

    Ihssan amraoui (verified owner)

    Le duo protéiné m’a donné une super définition et super hydratation, j’aime bien

  11. English

    Karima ansari (verified owner)

    la gelée donne une brillance magnifique aux cheveux, le leave-in hydrate sans alourdir, un vrai coup de coeur

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