Satin Silk Pillowcase Set



The set protects your hair from breakage, matting and any potential damage, therefore promotes healthy hair growth. It also preserves the style ensuring less hair manipulation when styling.

– 2 Satin silk pillowcases + 1 scrunchie

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The satin silk pillowcase will:

  • Help retain the hair’s moisture levels ensuring hair remains soft, shiny, and hydrated.
  • Protect the hair from breakage, matting, and any potential damage
  • Preserve the style ensuring less hair manipulation when styling.
  • Promote healthy hair growth

Curly hair is delicate and more susceptible to experiencing damage. Therefore it is essential to protect your curly hair, especially at night when hair is lily to experience the most friction caused by tossing and turning in bed.

Friction leads to hair matting which can result in brittle, dry, weak hair that will eventually break off. These high-quality satin silk pillowcase SET will protect your beautiful curls.

As you sleep at night, the high premium satin silk fabric will prevent loss of moisture, unlike cotton pillowcases that absorb moisture.

This pillowcase set also comes with an additional 2 satin silk scrunchies. Avoid hair ties that have a metal tag or material that will pull your delicate curly hair and break it.

Satin silk scrunchies are an amazing hair accessory that will not snag and tag on your hair thereby protecting every hair strand when you decide to tie up the hair.

For optimal hair protection you can opt for a complete satin silk set here.


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