From botanical extracts to high-quality cold-pressed oils, raw butter, and superfood, each of our curly hair products are made using top-notch quality ingredients to take care of your curl’s beauty and health.
Our products are free from silicones, phthalates, paraben, mineral oils, sulfates and all ingredients are bio-compatibles.

Our phare ingredients


At Naturiam, our main mission is to help anyone with curly hair embrace, understand and celebrate their natural beauty by offering them innovative and high-quality solutions, specifically tailored to their unique needs.

Our rich heritage of Moroccan hair care traditions is one of my main inspirations for the brand.

Our best childhood core memories most likely include the Hammam mornings or evenings. Some believe that if it doesn’t take half of your day, don’t even consider it t7em7ima as there is a whole upstream work and ritual, way before heading there. We loved to take the time and prepare l’ghassoul mixture, water it with flower hydrolats for extra benefits, use oils and every natural ingredients that would enhance our hair and skin beauty.

This attention to the slightest details, the meticulousness in preparation is what we implement in every step of the process, from the choice of ingredients to the fabrication of our products. We are committed to selecting the best natural ingredients and developing advanced technology formulations to address the common challenges faced by curly hair types. We’ve created this hair care line with the assistance of international cosmetic chemists. All our products are the result of scientific knowledge and a wealth of experience.

Curly hair care can be confusing for some, especially that we’ve just started reconciliating with our hair nature as a society ; which brings us to our second big mission that is to educate individuals about how curly hair works and what are its needs.
With our blog here, our youtube videos, or on the instagram page, and also our consultations with clients, we aim to equip you with all the necessary knowledge and tools for you to understand you hair and take care of it without challenges.

Through education, community and genuine passion for curly hair, we strive to create a world where everyone can proudly and confidently flaunt their beautiful and healthy curls.

tree plantation

Needless to say that at Naturiam we are big fans of everything related to nature.

We believe that beauty goes beyond the mirror and looks, it extends to the whole world around us. You can’t prioritize your beauty at the expense of nature, that ironically is the one providing you with all the ingredients you use to embelish.
Therefore, we are dedicated to make a positive impact on the environment. Let’s think of it as a thank you to nature for all what it has blessed us with for milleniums and still.

We make sure the trees are planted in areas that lack greenery and in need of trees. Your order will go beyond its purpose, you'll not only nourish your curls but also the earth and help make our country a little bit greener.

Plus you'll have a tree in your name, how cool is that ?

The brand founder


I’m Meriam and my hair care products are the result of a very personal journey, which involved my struggles to achieve healthy, natural curly hair. It seems almost unbelievable that I didn’t discover that I had naturally curly hair, until I was in my late 20’s. Years of straightening and over-processing my hair from childhood had ruined my hair shaft, resulting in my curls losing their natural shape.

Being a great believer that natural is best I wanted to embrace my curly hair and repair it at all costs. Like so many of you, I believed all types of information and misinformation on the topic of transitioning. While it is an invaluable way of improving the condition of your hair, it must be done correctly.

It was not until I suffered hair loss as a result of Covid 19 that I knew I had to study the science behind hair care and make it my mission to help others in my position.

I decided to combine my knowledge as an academic researcher with a Ph.D. in Engineering and my passion for curly hair to study hair from a scientific perspective.

My quest for the perfect hair care products started with the basics. I studied hundreds of reliable research papers and did online courses on Trichology to get to the root of the problem. My research went beyond hair loss and growth; it involved every aspect of hair care. I started writing content on everything I had learned to help all you in similar situations.

naturiam which provides premium, handmade products for curly hair was the result of my newly acquired knowledge. I have meticulously created this hair care line with the assistance of international cosmetic chemists. All my products are the result of scientific knowledge and a wealth of experience.

I offer a variety of products depending on your hair needs. These include protein treatments and products to promote hair growth and keep your hair looking soft and silky! More importantly, these products contain ingredients that help restore hair breakage, repair damage, and intensely condition the hair without adding extra weight to it. They focus on permanently repairing hair from the inside out. I can positively say that these products are a game-changer!

naturiam is also environmentally conscious. As a step towards achieving zero waste products, we make handmade solid shampoo bars. In the near future, all our products will be zero waste products.

To sum up our values and engagements


We do not compromise on
the quality of our ingredients


We make formulations based
on different hair types and needs


We make products that do what
they promise for all hair types


We like to explain everything
related to curly hair


We like being close to our


We plant a tree for every
order placed

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