Denman Curl Volumizer



The pick comb helps shape, mold, and style hair. Helps elongate clumped curls and create volume without compromizing definition.

It also reduces the amount of frizz.


The DENMAN CURL VOLUMIZER is the ultimate curl volumizing comb for defining and giving body to your curly hair.

  • Helps shape, mold, and style hair
  • Helps elongate clumped curls
  • Reduces the amount of frizz
  • Amplify your curls

The Denman curl volumizer has 12 super smooth long teeth that are able to gently penetrate into your thick curly hair. This will help create volume by lifting the hair at the root for extra curl stretch and body. The Denman afro pick comb has a large surface area which helps it to easily spread across the hair. The comb creates volume but still reduces the amount of frizz. The D17 Denman afro comb allows you to strategically mold your curls to your perfect curl shape by sculpting the curls to your preference.

If you are experiencing curl shrinkage, the D17 Denman comb can assist in stretching out the curls and giving your hair a bit more length. The Denman afro pick works well with all curls, whether you have fine or thick hair. The well-structured Denman curl volumizer has a textured handle and a great grip to help ensure control when styling the curls. It can be used on wet or dry curly hair.

How to use

How to use

Once you style your hair,diffuse it and it’s almost or fully dried, place it in the roots and pull your hair gentely to the top. This helps create space between hair strands and give more volume. Repeat the step in all hair sides and it’s best if you do it with your head upside down for extra volume.

You can also use it every morning for a little boost after curls are pressed during the night.

Trust me, it really makes a difference !



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