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  – Marshmallow Roots Extract

  – Sunflower Extract

This leave-in conditioner revitalizes your curls and stimulates hair growth with its formula enriched with natural ingredients. Full of vitamins and fatty acids, it nourishes, strengthens and hydrates your curls between washes leaving them soft and shiny.

This leave-in conditioner is perfect for curly hair.

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The curly hair leave-in conditioner

Unleash the full potential of your curls with our curly hair leave-in conditioner. Its formula will not only hydrate your curls but also set the stage for optimal hair growth.

At the heart of this potent blend are mallow roots, known with their natural slip that makes detangling very easy. As you apply this leave-in, you’ll feel the ingredient working its magic, effortlessly smoothing the hair leaving curls silky and more manageable.

Beyond their detangling propeties, mallow roots contain polyphenols, packed with antioxidants, they protect hair from damage caused by free radicals and other external factors. This will maintain strong hair fiber with less probability of breakage, and allow a smooth growth.

Complementing the mallow’s benefits is the dynamic addition of sunflower extract. Packed with essential nutrients like Vitamin E that helps heal damage, create smoothness and nourish your curls from root to tip.

It also contains polyunsaturated fatty acids including oleic and linoleic acids that improve elasticity. Plus it has simultaneously the ability to easily penetrate your hair to lock in hydration and provide a protective barrier that gives your curls that shiny shine.

Free from harsh chemicals, our curly hair leave-in conditioner ensures that your curls are moisturized and full of life without any residue. It also serves as a nurturing foundation for people on a journey to achieve longer healthier curls.

Give your curly hair some extra love and order your curly hair leave-in conditioner today!

For better results, use it with the deep conditioner of the same collection.


How to use

How to use

Leave-in conditionner is a cream used after shower or after you wash your hair or when you want to refresh your curls in the middle of the week. One of its main missions is to keep your hair moisturized between washes and prevent tangles.

  • Wet your hair : Make sure it is wet. Not too wet and not almost dry.
  • Section your hair : In order to have an equal distribution of the product and for it to reach all parts of your hair, seperate it in sections. The thicker the hair, the more sections it would require.
  • Apply styling product : Put a generous amount of leave-in conditioner on the palm of your hand and rub it a little. Apply it on the section from up to the lengths. Make sure its applied equally on your strands. Repeat the same for all the section.
  • Scrunch your hair : Once you finish styling and for better bounce and definition, take some hair on the palm of your hand and press it going to the top.
  • Dry your hair : Remove excess water and product with a microfiber towel or a coton shirt to avoid frizz. Then either use a diffuser to dry it completely or let it air dry.

For better results, use it with the deep conditioner of the same collection and the styling gel from the real protein treatment collection .




Pure water (aqua), agave tequilana leaf extract, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, caprylic/capric triglyceride, cetearyl alcohol, ricinus communis (castor) seed oil*, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, linum usitatissimum (flaxseed) seed oil*, helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil*, behentrimonium methosulfate, Malva sylvestris extract, Chenopodium Quinoa Seed Extract (Black Quinoa), benzyl alcohol, dehydroacetic acid, Lactic Acid, Malic Acid, sent.

2 reviews for curly hair Leave-In Conditioner

  1. English


    j’ai ajouté ce leave-in à ma routine pour alterner entre celui de la gamme protéinée et celui là, ce que j’adore en ce produit c’est qu’il n’alourdisse pas mes cheveux memes si la compo inclut des huiles et beurres un peu lourdes. Mes cheveux sont légers, nourris, hydratés, aérés et surtout n’ont pas l’effet poisseux au cours des jours qui suivent. Je valide à 100%

  2. French

    Salma Sadki (verified owner)

    The product does the job and more
    hydrates and even helps with the styling
    The consistency is not light so a bit goes a long way and makes my curls look good for more than 5 days
    Love it ❤️

  3. English

    Imane Tazi (verified owner)

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