Curly Hair Routine


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  • 250 ml bottles, 340 ml jar
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  • Products; Shampoo, deep conditioner, leave-in and gel

This hair growth routine is tailored for people with curly hair that look to growth long and thick hair without breakage. It includes a Shampoo, Deep Conditioner, Leave-in Conditioner and Styling Gel, each crafted to promote healthy growth while providing intense hydration.

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Curly Hair Routine

Is your hair prone to breakage, split ends, or constant dryness, frizziness, and tangles despite every promise of hair conditioners? Do you struggle growing your hair ?

This Hair growth routine has everything you need to nourish and regrowth your curls properly.


Tailored for people with curly hair who look to nourish their curls while ensuring a smooth growth, this transformative routine includes a Shampoo, Deep Conditioner, Leave-In Conditioner, and Styling Gel.

– Begin your ritual with our Shampoo made with Niacinamide and Provitamin B5 among other natural ingredients that nourish and revitalize the hair follicles for a healthy scalp and strong soft hair.

– Our nourishing Deep Conditioner, enriched with Raw Honey and Green Caviar that give your hair the hydration it needs. High in Vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants, they fight oxidative damage, improve elasticity and maintain your scalp and hair healthy.

– Follow with our Leave-In Conditioner, based on Mallow Roots and Sunflower Extracts, a breathable formula designed to provide optimal moisture and detangling benefits. This leave-in ensures your hair stays smooth, shiny and protected.

– Lastly Hair Growth Elixir Styling Gel, with Green Tea and Red Algae, crafted to shape your curls, provide a strong hold with a soft touch for longer. It seals moisture inside your hair and nourishes without weighing down or leaving any residue. Plus it keeps your frizz under control.

Everything in this box makes sure you have the best care for your curly hair.

So if you’re looking for a hair growth routine that will give you hydrated, defined, and healthy-looking curls and all this while promoting hair growth and avoiding breakage. Look no further than the Hair Growth Elixir Collection!


How to use

How to use

Shampoo: Wet your hair for the shampoo to foam as it should. Focus on the scalp because its where the oil and build up is gathered, but don’t forget the lengths. Do two sets if you feel that your hair needs it.

Deep conditioner: Now that your hair is clean, apply the conditioner mainly on the lengths of your hair.Brush so that the product reachs all hair parts. Leave it 15 to 30 mins. Cover up with a shower cap if your have one for extra penetration. Rinse out, thoroughly to avoid any build up.

Leave-in Conditioner: Make sure your hair is damp, not too wet not too dry. Section if your hair is long or thick. Apply leave-in along the hair lengths. Make sure its applied equally on all hair. Style your curls like you prefer.

Styling Gel: Rub on your hand and apply delicately on your curls. Scrunch for more definition.

When you finish, remove excess water and products with microfiber towel of coton shirt (if needed) and proceed to diffuse it or let it air dry.

For more volume, style and dry with hair upside down.



Niancinamide, Provitamin B5, Raw Honey, Green Caviar, Marshmallow Roots Extracts, Sunflower Extracts, Green Tea, Red Algae and more …

21 reviews for Curly Hair Routine

  1. English

    Kenza Laaouissi (verified owner)

    Cette gamme changed my hair life .. pas de chute . Thick hair .
    Ps: zwita ktnabat ch3ar mn jdora🙂 f le. 1 er mois katban résultat

  2. English

    Zeinab Z (verified owner)

    I’ ve been using this collection since November, and I must say I’m impressed! As someone with naturally porous hair, I struggle to find products that keep my hair healthy and hydrated without weighing it down. the leave in and deep condit are game changers for my hair, The shampoo is good, a little bit drying but it deeply cleans my hair, The oil helped with the hair growth as well. Very satisfied and highly recommend
    Only suggestion: I like solid shampoos but I prefer liquid ones, if you can suggest a liquid shampoo for this collection that would be perfect. Thank you

  3. French

    Sanae Hatim (verified owner)

    Mes cheveux sont trop secs type 3c et cette gamme me va trop bien

  4. French

    Asmae Ghazi (verified owner)

    le leave-in et le masque sont mes coup de coeur <3 j adoreeeeeeee

  5. French

    Amal lamine (verified owner)

    Cette gamme me va très bien et j’adore l’odeur ça sent l’ananas et la fraicheur

  6. French

    Nezha Amiri (verified owner)

    j’ai essayé l’ancienne gamme et la nouvelle, je préfère cette version et le masque est une tuerie 💚

  7. French

    Lamia Sbai (verified owner)

    khditha l benti elle a 6 ans, ch3erha nachef bzf o had la gamme watatha, o riha ghzalaaaa

  8. English

    Leila aboudamir (verified owner)

    Très très bonne gamme je suis épatée

  9. English

    hibaafkinich (verified owner)

    Totally in love with this. Would love it if there was a bigger sizes box but other than that, I am utterly impressed & not ready to give up on this!

  10. French

    Leila Ben (verified owner)

    l’odeur, la compo, le rendu, tout est nickel 💯

  11. French

    Sara ramdani (verified owner)

    j’aime beaucoup le rendu sur mes cheveux, excellente gamme

  12. French

    Imane raki (verified owner)

    mes cheveux sont 3a, je sens que le leave-in est un peu fort pour mes cheveux, la prochaine fois j’essaierai le leave-in light and shine, sinon les autres produits sont sympa, et j’aime bien le shampoing

  13. French

    Hoda Gacem (verified owner)

    J ai reçu les produits il y a quelques jours pas encore tester mais le packaging et les produits ont l air qualitatif et j en ai entendu que du bien du coup hâte de tester.

  14. English

    Hoda Gacem (verified owner)


  15. English

    Hoda Gacem (verified owner)

    Note 10/10

  16. English

    Dikra B. (verified owner)

    Le shampooing est un peu asséchant. Le masque est bien. Le leave-in est juste magnifique super hydratant et le gel est bien aussi 😍

  17. English

    Oumaima (verified owner)

    Premiere utilisation satisfaisante mes boucles ont tenu 5 jours sauf que je trouve que le gel un petit peu leger

  18. English

    Anonyme (verified owner)

    J’ai beaucoup aimé 😍.
    Et merci beaucoup pour votre service chaleureux.

  19. French

    Kholoud Toua (verified owner)

    I bought it with no regrets!! I recommend it highly. Thank you for existing❤️

  20. English

    hijazisara512 (verified owner)

    one of the best things that had ever touched my hair, top du top 😍😍😍

  21. English

    Sara Hijazi (verified owner)

    La meilleure gamme wlh

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