Fine hair, Wavy hair Routine


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  • 250 ml bottles, 340 ml jar
  • Accessories: Flexi brush and satin scrunchie 

Our feather light routine is meticulously tailored for those with fine curls or wavy hair who crave lightweight yet effective products. It includes a Shampoo, Deep Conditioner, Leave-in Conditioner and Styling Gel, each crafted to nourish and maintain volume enhancing the natural beauty of your delicate hair without weighing them down.

This collection is oil-free and protein-free.


exclude accessories, include accessories

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Fine / Wavy Hair routine

Introducing our curated Light and Shine Collection, a water-based routine tailored for people with fine curls or wavy hair who look for lightweight yet effective products. This transformative routine includes a Shampoo, Deep Conditioner, Leave-In Conditioner, and Styling Gel.

If you have fine or wavy hair, you’ll love this collection !

– Begin your ritual with our Shampoo made with Niacinamide and Provitamin B5 among other natural ingredients that nourish and revitalize the hair follicles for a healthy scalp and strong soft hair.

– Our Lightweight Deep Conditioner, enriched with Babassu Oil and Raw Cocoa Butter that nourish and penetrate fine strands without compromising volume. Immerse your curls in a treatment that revitalizes and restores, leaving your hair silky and shiny without build up.

– Follow with our Leave-In Conditioner, based on Marshmallow Roots and Horsetail Extracts, a breathable formula designed to provide optimal moisture and detangling benefits. This leave-in ensures that your fine curls remain hydrated and manageable, setting the stage for styling without sacrificing volume.

– Lastly a Curl Defining Gel, with Marshmallow Roots and Slippery Elm Extracts, crafted to shape your curls, provide a strong hold with a soft touch for longer. It seals moisture inside your hair and nourishes without weighing down or leaving any residue. Plus it keeps your frizz under control.

The Flexi brush is perfect for brushing and detangling your hair without causing breakage or any sort of damage.

The Scrunchie, made with silky fabric, avoids tangling likewise which causes breakage and hair damage.

Everything in this box makes sure you have the best care for your hair.

So if you’re looking for a haircare routine that will give you hydrated, defined, and healthy-looking curls and all this while preventing build up and maintaining a good volume. Look no further than the Light and Shine Collection for fine Hair!


Additional information

exclude accessories, include accessories

How to use

How to use

Shampoo: Wet your hair for the shampoo to foam as it should. Focus on the scalp because its where the oil and build up is gathered, but don’t forget the lengths. Do two sets if you feel that your hair needs it.

Deep conditioner: Now that your hair is clean, apply the conditioner mainly on the lengths of your hair.Brush so that the product reachs all hair parts. Leave it 15 to 30 mins. Cover up with a shower cap if your have one for extra penetration. Rinse out, thoroughly to avoid any build up.

Leave-in Conditioner: Make sure your hair is damp, not too wet not too dry. Section if your hair is long or thick. Apply leave-in along the hair lengths. Make sure its applied equally on all hair. Style your curls like you prefer.

Styling Gel: Rub on your hand and apply delicately on your curls. Scrunch for more definition.

When you finish, remove excess water and products with microfiber towel of coton shirt (if needed) and proceed to diffuse it or let it air dry.

For more volume, style and dry with hair upside down.



Marshmallow roots, Slippery elm bark, Babassu oil, Argan oil, Macadamia oil, Horsetail extract, Nettle extract, Agave nectar extract and much more

13 reviews for Fine hair, Wavy hair Routine

  1. English

    Aziza Benchekroun (verified owner)

    une gamme complète, mes boucles sont plus définies et moins de frisottis

  2. English

    fmoutamassik (verified owner)

    The must have collection, purchased twice and very happy with the result.

  3. English

    Salwa M. (verified owner)

    Mes cheveux sont de type 2B/3A et je galérais pour trouver une routine qui n’alourdisse pas mes cheveux, très très satisfaite que ça soit disponible au Maroc, je suis super satisfaite et je recommande vivement, je voulais partager une photo de mes cheveux mais je n’y arrive pas malheureusement

  4. English

    soukaina. A (verified owner)

    It’s one of the best products I ve ever tried, my hair is very thin and dry and I always get limp curls with no volume. Now My hair is just happy with this very effective routine ❤️❤️ thank you!

  5. English

    Halima Bouzidi (verified owner)

    Super je recommande

  6. English

    Raouia Salmi (verified owner)

    Gamme complète avec un effet soyeux et pas gras, mes cheveux sont wavy

  7. English

    Hajar Adnane (verified owner)

    All of the products are so good, and their smell is amazing
    I definitely recommend

  8. English

    Zineb Hadouch (verified owner)

    J’ai entendu beaucoup d’avis positifs sur cette gamme mais j’hésitais de l’acheter, et je ne vous cache pas, le prix m’a pas beaucoup encouragé. Heta jerbatha une copine et je voyais que ses cheveux ont vraiment changé, un volume de dingue et une définition naturelle et magnifique, alors je l’ai acheté et voilà c mon 2 -ème achat, j adoreeeeeeeee son effet sur mes boucles et je ne la changerai jamais <3

  9. English

    Amina Boudlal (verified owner)

    La gamme zwina o l’effet dyalha zwinn <3

  10. English

    Fadia Ba (verified owner)

    We need 500 ml or 1L size please, I’m serious 😄, Please think of it ❤️

  11. English

    emy18cher (verified owner)

    J’ai adoré la gamme, elle me va bien ❤️

  12. English

    Afraa (verified owner)

    J’utilise cette gamme depuis septembre 2022, je pense j’étais parmi les premières a essayer cette marque, j’ai testé beaucoup de marque étrangères et je ne croyais pas que mes boucles trouveront leurs bonheur dans une marque locale, franchement Bravo et Merci pour la qualité des produits, Best of luck

  13. English

    Souheila (verified owner)

    la gelée est magnifique, le leave-in est top, le masque aussi, le shampoing m’a un peu asséché les cheveux mais en gros c des bons produits, je recommande

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