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Clarifying shampoo is a unique sort of shampoo that is designed to remove buildup from the hair and scalp. This shampoo is formulated to deeply clean the hair and remove excess oil, dirt, & product buildup that can accumulate over time.

Moreover, Clarifying shampoo can help us to repair hair to its natural essence. It can also help us to remove chlorine and other chemicals from our hair that build up in the hair from swimming in pools or hot tubs.


The hair is cleaned with shampoo, which is one of the essential critical steps of every great hair care routine. A shampoo is technically designed to clean the scalp of sebum and prevent the development of folliculitis and seborrheic dermatitis.

Shampoos are intended to rid the hair of sebum, sweat components, desquamated stratum corneum, styling products, and environmental dirt. The idea of beautifying the hair is really a secondary concern that is primarily addressed by a conditioner. Zoe D Draelos,Essentials of Hair Care often Neglected: Hair Cleansing, International Journal of Trichology

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There are now a vast number of shampoos formulated to cater to curly hair that are gentle and mild. However, occasionally we need to give our curly hair a deep clean. Clarifying shampoos are able to do just that. A deep-cleaning shampoo is a shampoo that helps get rid of buildup in your hair. The build-up may be due to the residue left by your daily shampoos, chlorinated water during swimming, coloring treatments, oils, dust, and other chemical treatments on your hair. Dr. J.Shaikh, What Is A Clarifying Shampoo, Medicinet

When used regularly, deep cleaning shampoos can help to restore the natural shine and volume of hair, improve the health of the scalp, and reduce the risk of damage caused by product buildup. They are particularly useful for individuals with oily or greasy hair, as well as for those who use a lot of styling products. An effective hair care routine is incomplete without a clarifying shampoo.

Traditional shampoo is different from deep-cleaning shampoo because of the increased active ingredients. Clarifying shampoos have a range of ingredients that work effectively, including Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, also known as sulfates. This ingredient is commonly found in industrial detergents and can break down stubborn dirt, oil, grease, and petroleum oil. Diluted, it can clean hair. Sulfates act as surfactants, allowing oil-soluble and water-soluble ingredients to mix by reducing the surface tension between them.


Here are the steps to understand the benefits of using deep-cleaning shampoo:

Cleans Hair

Your curly hair can get stubborn build-up. This can be from all the products we use such as heavy creams, butters, gels, waxes, and silicone in conditioners. All this can leave a stubborn film on your hair that needs a clarifying shampoo to get rid of it.

Fight Environmental Pollutants

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Smoke, dust, construction debris, and general air pollution can easily get stuck to your hair. A deep-cleaning shampoo will effectively get rid of any air pollutants on your hair strands.  

Healthy Scalp

Product build-up, bacteria, dead skin cells, environmental pollutants, dirt, and oil clog the scalp. The clogged scalp hinders the distribution of nutrients to the scalp. to the scalp.

This decreases sebum production leading to dry hair, irritation, and inflammation. Poor hair growth occurs from the damage of active cells reducing quality hair growth. The use of clarifying shampoo will ensure your scalp can efficiently distribute nutrients to the follicles and scalp. A healthy scalp means you can continue to grow healthy curly hair.

Prevent Dandruff

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Dirt on the scalp disrupts the normal production of sebum, which should nourish, lubricate, and protect the hair and scalp. This results in increased dandruff. Keeping the scalp clean prevents dandruff production.

Restores the Health and Shine of Curly Hair

A clarifying shampoo restores the health and shine of your hair by removing build-up that weakens, dulls, and flattens strands. Regular use cleanses the scalp and unclogs follicles, allowing for the distribution of nutrients that revitalize the hair’s natural health and glow. The result is smooth, manageable hair with less breakage during combing.

Revive Your Curls

Our curls may feel limp and lack volume, causing our styles to fail. To bring our curls back to life, we can use a clarifying shampoo. A clarifying shampoo deeply cleanses and resets the hair, leaving it shiny, bouncy, healthy, and soft.

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We have talked a lot about build-up as a sign you need to use a clarifying shampoo. Identify build-up by observing these signs:

  • If your shampoo fails to lather or work effectively.
  • When you experience heavy hair or products that just sit on your hair.
  • If your regular “go-to” products or weekly deep conditioners suddenly stop working.
  • If your hair appears dull, limp, flat, without body or movement, and weighed down.
  • If your hair still feels dry even after applying moisturizers, oils, and styling products.
  • If you spot white residue on your scalp and/or hair after washing it.
  • If your hair becomes progressively drier and stops responding to moisturizing or conditioning products.


Use clarifying shampoo like any other shampoo for your curly hair, and you’ll see the difference! Follow these three steps for a proper clarifying wash:

how to clarify hair


Squeeze a small amount of Naturiam clarifying shampoo into your hands, massage it into the scalp, and work it through your curls.


Thoroughly rinse the shampoo after working it through all of your curls.


Clarifying shampoos clean the hair by stripping it and may leave strands slightly dry. After using the clarifying shampoo, follow up with Naturiam Hair Growth Elixir Deep conditioner for a moisturizing treatment that rehydrates your curls.

In nutshell, For extra dirty or oily hair, a double wash can help. After the initial wash, reapply the shampoo or switch to a gentler shampoo for a lighter cleanse. Let it sit for several minutes before thoroughly rinsing and conditioning.


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Clarifying shampoos have a higher concentration of active ingredients than traditional shampoos. Do not replace traditional shampoo with clarifying shampoo, as excessive use can cause curls to dry, leading to matting and breakage and reducing sebum production. Use Naturiam clarifying shampoo once a month or every 6 weeks.

Wrap Up

We aim to equip you with a deeper knowledge of clarifying shampoos. Clarifying shampoos play a crucial role in maintaining the health of your hair by effectively cleaning it.  A clarifying shampoo is essential for maintaining the health and beauty of curly hair.

Enjoy the benefits of healthy, shiny, and bouncy curls by removing stubborn buildup and reviving curls with a deep cleanse. Make sure to include a clarifying shampoo in your hair care routine.

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