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Top 9 Ultimate Steps For Curly Hair Routine from Specialists- Naturiam

Curly Hair steps Routine

When it comes to the overall health of your Curly hair routine steps, having a consistent and healthy natural hair care routine is vital. A great natural curly hair routine will result in healthy, thick, and strong hair. If the current state of your natural hair is not at its best, you can experience hair loss or an excess amount of shedding.

It is necessary to be disciplined and intentional with a curly hair routine to treat and repair the hair. One can customize their natural hair care routine to address any hair issues, stop further hair loss, heal the hair and the scalp, and encourage new hair growth. Below we give tips on the best naturally curly hair routine.

Keep Your Curly Hair Moisturized Routine

curly hair routine

It is important to ensure that your natural hair is moisturized to promote hair growth and prevent hair breakage. Natural hair tends to be dry, and the sebum oil on the scalp takes a much longer period to move down the strands.

It is very easy to neglect moisturizing hair. Lack of moisture is a major reason a lot of women are experiencing hair loss. When hair is hydrated it is nourished, healthy, and strong. However, when dry it is weak, brittle, and can easily break off.

The Naturiam Porous hair leave-in conditioner and the low porosity leave-in conditioner are hydrating conditioners that will moisturize your curls. Occasionally refresh your curls by misting water with our curl hair spray bottle to hydrate the curly hair routine during the week.

Healthy Scalp

When experiencing hair loss issues, the health of the scalp should be checked. The scalp contains follicles which have cells that are responsible for the growth of the hair. If the follicles are damaged hair growth can stop temporarily or permanently and weak follicles can lead to an excess amount of hair shedding.

So it is critical to care for your scalp’s health. This can be done by using a clarifying shampoo to get rid of any gunk that could be clogging up the pores. The Naturiam Clarifying Shampoo will get rid of any impurities, whilst maintaining the scalp’s pH. Regularly massaging the scalp with a shampoo brush scalp massager will encourage blood circulation to nourish the follicles.

Be Gentle with Your Hair

curly hair wash routine

Mechanical hair damage is high on the list of why many women are experiencing hair loss and excess shedding. Natural hair is fragile. No matter how good your natural hair care routine is, if you are not gentle, your hair will break off.

Patience is crucial when dealing with the tangles in your hair. Do not manage your hair when you are in a hurry or angry. You might take it out on your hair! Schedule free time for your curly hair routine where you can be gentle and give it as much TLC as it needs.

Clarify Your Hair

curly hair care routine

Washing your hair is one of the most vital steps for the health of your curls. The shampoo will get rid of product build-up, dirt, excess sebum,  dead skin cells, and gunk. A clogged scalp will not allow hair to receive nutrients from the hair follicles.

Additionally, hair that is not washed is unmanageable and your curls are lifeless. You should aim to wash your curls at least weekly or bi-weekly depending on your hair’s needs. Do not worry about the shampoo stripping your hair dry. There are now well-formulated moisturizing shampoos on the market that can clean your hair without it feeling stripped.

The Naturiam shampoo bar is a natural and handmade shampoo that will gently clean your hair while retaining your curls’ hydration levels for the promotion of hair growth.

Deep Conditioners

The use of deep conditioners is important to add to your natural hair care routine for healthy hair growth. It should be a staple in your hair regimen as it can deeply penetrate into the hair cuticle and improve the health of hair over time. If you ever experience hair loss or hair breakage, a deep conditioner is ideal for strengthening the hair by hydrating and repairing the structural bond of the hair strands.

For a deep conditioner to be effective you have to be consistent with it to have a noticeable change to the health of your natural hair. For someone experiencing hair loss use a deep conditioner once a week to improve the hair. Naturiam suggests a versatile choice of deep conditioners that fits each need as the hair growth elixir deep conditioner and the protein-free deep conditioner.

Protein Treatments For Curly Hair Routine

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What keeps all hair strong and healthy is protein. Our hair strands are made up of keratin which is a type of protein. Protein ensures hair strands are strong, healthy, and will not easily break off. If you only focus on moisturizing the hair without the use of protein-based products, this can cause too much moisture that can lead to hygral fatigue. This leaves hair strands limp, mushy, lifeless, and weak.

A main cause for hair fall and breakage. If you want to know about protein you check this detailed article Protein Treatment for Hair: All You Need to Know. Protein is necessary for your natural hair care routine for strengthening, repairing the structure of the hair strand, and preventing the hair from breaking or falling out. The real protein treatment products collection products is an amazing strengthening treatment that will bring your curls back to life.

Trim to Prevent Split Ends

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Trimming hair, especially when experiencing hair loss may feel like a disservice to your hair. It may feel hard to let go of hair when you are already losing.

However, getting rid of dead ends, damaged hair, and split ends are in fact important for the health of your hair over time. Lack of trimming off damaged ends can cause further damage to your hair. It’s recommended to trim the hair on a need-to-be basis and not on a set schedule. Also, use hair shears to trim hair.

Nighttime Curly Hair Routine

step-by step curly hair routine

One of the causes of hair breakage is the friction caused when you sleep at night. We spend 6-8 hours tossing and turning in bed. Friction is the biggest culprit for hair breakage as rubbing the curls against each other can lead to drying of the hair and unnecessary tangles. This will eventually lead to hair breakage and hair shedding.

To protect your hair at night avoid cotton pillowcases and go for silk or satin pillowcasesbonnets, and scrunchies. They can retain the moisture of your hair and prevent friction.

Protective and Low-maintenance Styles

Curly Hair steps Routine

If you are experiencing hair issues, the less time spent touching and manipulating your hair the better. Keeping your hair tucked away is the best alternative to give it time to recover from any damage or hair loss.

Low-maintenance styles are perfect to keep the hair away during the week before your next wash day. They include buns, ponytails, and high puffs. You can secure the hair with a satin scrunchie and keep your ends tucked away and protected.

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