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Curly Haircuts in Morocco: A Comprehensive Guide

Curly hair stylist morocco

A great haircut has the ability to transform the overall look of your curls. Curly haircuts are amazing at giving the curls a beautiful shape by enhancing the natural texture.

With the right curly haircut, one is able to embrace their natural texture. When it comes to cutting curly hair, it is different from how you would typically cut straight hair. You do not want to butcher your beautiful curls. It can be terrifying getting your hair cut especially in Morocco where it is hard to find a stylist who cuts curly hair.

To Create the Foundation of a Curly Haircut It Is Important To Note:

Deva cut
  • Curly hair is done on dry hair. Usually, hair is cut on wet hair but it is best to cut curly hair on 100% dry hair. Curly hair experiences a lot of shrinkages which would deceive the length of the cut. Additionally, the stylist is unable to see how the curls naturally fall to mold the intended shape.
  • Grow natural curly hair in the best cut in its natural state. This allows the stylist to give you your truly desired shape based on how your curly hair naturally falls.
  • Curly hair should be cut on clean and detangled hair. Without build-up or matting, the stylist is easily able to shape and cut the hair.

Two Types of Curly Haircuts In Morocco

There are many ways to cut curly hair. We will focus on the two most popular types of curly haircuts.

Rezo Cut

rezo cut

It is a popular curly haircut technique as it works well on all hair textures. With the rezo cut it will;

  • Maintain the length of the hair. Without creating layers or individual cuts, the length of the curls is preserved all around the head.
  • It will enhance the definition of your curls
  • It will center frame the face.
  • Creates extensive volume. With the maintained length all around, it creates the illusion of thicker hair.

Deva Cut

deva cut

A highly technical cult hair haircut that has been around for the past 20 years. Deva cut highly focuses on

  • Framing the face
  • Adding mega volume thanks to the hair in its natural state cascading in created layers.

With a deva cut the stylist hyper-focused on the curl pattern of each hair strand making each curl look its best. The stylist will determine the areas that are necessary to create layers and sculpt each curl for the desired shape.

The deva cut is best suited for women who wear their hair in its natural state as with different layers hair may look uneven in a stretched or straight look.

For both techniques and most great curly haircuts, go to a trained stylist who understands the way curls behave to give the perfect curly cut. In Morocco, it can be hard to find the right stylist who specializes in curly haircuts.

Siham is the first curly hair stylist in Morocco who excels in customizing curly haircuts that will suit each person’s preference and define curls while maintaining the health of the curly hair. Check out her prices and her work naturallysiham if you want to see amazing transformations!

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